Are you too big for your boots?

June 6, 2006 at 8:30 am 4 comments


Idiom: to be too big for your boots

Means: to be arrogant

Use: to refer to arrogant people

Circumstances: Someone is acting arrogantly and you are annoyed.

Note: Often used with 'to be getting' or 'has got'

Some examples:

That customer is getting too big for his boots. He wants everything now. Someone should tell him that is his not our only customer.

Jim has got too big for his boots. It's that promotion he got last month. He's acting like he's a king.

Your turn:

Think about some people you know and complete this sentence:

(name of person) is getting to big for his boots. – Say why or what caused this.
Think of another four examples.

Now, if you want, use the comments system to write some of your own examples and I'll tell you if they are OK or not.

I hope I don't get too big for my boots as a result of all the great feedback you are all going to give me!


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