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I have got a lot on at the moment.


Idiom: to have a lot on

Means: to be very busy, to have lots to do

Use: to refer busy periods, parts of the day or month, etc

Circumstances: To indicate that someone is busy at this time

Note: The subject is nearly always a person or group of people, often used with ‘at the moment.’   A negative form is possible and ‘not much’ can be used: ‘I haven’t got much/a lot on at the moment’

Some examples:

I’m sorry, I can’t come on Tuesday. I’ve got a lot on that day. How about Wednesday?

James hasn’t got much on at the moment. He is waiting for the new project to start.

Your turn:

Think about some people you know:

(name of person) is has got a lot on. He’s (what – verb)+(when)
Think of another four examples.

When someone says he/she has a lot on, be patient with them!
I haven’t got much on at the moment. July is always a quiet time for me.


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I have got a lot in the pipeline.


Idiom: to be in the pipeline, to have (got) something in the pipeline

Means: being prepared, being worked on but not ready yet

Use: A business idiom used to refer to projects or plans for events or things that are not ready yet
Circumstances: To indicate that you have plans or are planning something
Note: When used with ‘to be’ – the expression is often a confirmation ‘Yes, it is in the pipeline’. ‘It’ refers to the thing being prepared which was mentioned by the person asking a question.

Some examples:

We have lots of interesting products in the pipeline. At least one will be launched this winter.

Are you going to add a small business consultancy service? – Yes, it’s in the pipeline. We will make an announcement shortly.
Your turn:

Think about your company or the government’s plans:

(name of company/the government) has lots of plans in the pipeline. It’s going to (what)+(when)
Think of another four examples.

This blog has many more examples of idioms in the pipeline!

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