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What did you get up to at the weekend?


Idiom: to get up to

Means: to do

Use: to ask about activities

Circumstances: Usually used to ask about the things someone did in a time period – at the weekend, at work today

Note: The subject is nearly always a person or group of people. This form is mainly used in questions. When replying to the question it is common to list the things you did – often using the simple past and adding your opinion as to how much you liked or disliked what you did.

A negative reply is possible and ‘much’ can be used: ‘I didn’t get up to much.’

Some examples:

A) What did you get up to at the weekend? B) We went skiing in the mountains. Had a great time too.

A) What did they get up to on holiday? B) Sounds as though they had a terrible time. It rained the whole two weeks.

Your turn:

Think about some people you know:

Ask yourself this question: What did (Person) get up to at the weekend? eg What did Mario get up to at the weekend?
You could write the replies. Then think of another four people you could ask.

Advanced usage: I hope to be getting up to a lot this weekend. We’ve got some friends coming to stay.

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